• Symbol: UBER
  • Sentiment: BULLISH
  • Trade Type: Call
  • Expiration Date: 2023-01-20
  • Strike Price: $50
  • Stock price: $35.70
  • Volume: 27,348
  • Open Interest: 102
  • Notes: new position with volume about 270x open interest; long term position (LEAP); dark pool order since trade took place outside of NBBO
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Opening vs closing orders

Option chains offer us two valuable pieces of information for each option contract traded, the volume and open interest. Volume is the number of contracts traded during this trading day. Open interest is the total number of outstanding contracts. It is calculated by taking the previous day’s open interest substracting any contracts that were exercised and adding any new contracts that were issued.

If we see a trade where the current days volume is higher than the open interest we can then infer this is a new opening position.